TrichoStem® Injections

TrichoStem™ is an innovative and unique hair fall treatment solution called extracellular matrix (ECM) that is injected into the scalp of individuals who are suffering from hair loss. This extra cellular matrix is a medical solution consisting of PRP (Platelet rich plasma) that has healing and regenerative properties that promote hair regrowth, making it a desired treatment for stopping hair fall.

A hair expert/ Trichologist as a simple, nonsurgical treatment will inject TrichoStem™ directly into an individual’s scalp/regions where there is extensive hair loss. It works by shielding the hair (follicle) from DHT Dihydrotestosterone that causes hair thinning, gradually transforming into baldness.

Many hair doctors consider it as the first significant hair loss treatment since the development of hair transplant, hair implants and oral medications. TrichoStem™ is helping men and women around the globe restore their confidence by solving their hair thinning and hair loss problems. With quick, noticeable and real time results, it is the latest non surgical hair restoration procedure chosen by many individuals as their one stop solution for their hair loss cure.

By understanding the psychological need of individuals to maintain and secure natural hair growth; TrichoStem™ has eliminated the gap between the demand for a permanent hair loss solution and actual hair regrowth.

TrichoStem™ Benefits

Non surgical

It is a non-surgical hair restoration procedure, that involves an ECM solution which simply is injected into the scalp protecting the hair fro m DHT, making the roots follicle stronger, resulting in thicker hair. (View Image of Dr Prasad injecting ECM)

Non surgicalNo Scars

The process does not leave any scars post treatment. (View Image of process post injection (scalp showing regions injected))

Non surgical Quick Results

Hair thickness and regrowth can is visible as early as 10 days from the date of treatment, making it one of the quickest procedures (Image of before and after 10 days, then 1/3months and 6 months)

Personalized Treatment

Each Individual is given a personalized injection. Every injection is carefully prepared after thorough analysis of the patient’s current condition. (Image of doctor prasad showing patient his hair on the screen)

Permanent solutions

TrichoStem™ reverses your hair loss and increases the scope of regrowing your hair while ensuring you do not face any hair fall problems further again.

Quick Procedure

The hair restoration treatment will take approximately 2 hours, making it one of the fastest procedures to stop hair loss.

Cost Effective

As TrichoStem™ promotes hair regrowth in one treatment itself, it is a very cost effective hair restoration method requiring no multiple sittings.

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