Hair Regeneration

Applying expertise in surgery and wound healing to hair thinning

Hands-on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery experience with ECM by ACell has helped Dr. Prasad develop new methods for treating hair thinning. Dr. Prasad was the first doctor to apply the automated micro-needling technique to enhance the activity of the ECM to restore thinning hair in January of 2012. This helped his patients significantly in restoring volume and thickness to hair that was thinning.

Dr. Prasad Micro-Needling TechniqueDr. Prasad customizes the depth and density of his micro-needling technique based on methods from his surgical experience.


Regenerative Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery to Hair Regeneration

Dr. Amiya Prasad has used several methods to apply ECM (extracellular matrix) to enhance cosmetic and reconstruction surgery for advanced healing and scar reduction.

Hair Restoration Specialist