Hair is an important part of an individual’s appearance . It is one of the first things people notice about a person. The psychological impact that hair loss can have on men and women can be very damaging to one’s self-confidence.

Thinning hair and hair loss can be due to or associated with heredity, hormonal changes, testosterone and aging. Before finding a solution for hair-fall, it is recommended that you understand the potential causes of your problem.

Average human scalp contains around 100,000 hairs and it is normal to lose roughly 100 strands from our head everyday. Our hair grows for a period of usually 2 to 6 years, post this period, the follicles shed the hair and go into a rest stage for approximately 3 months, then a new hair growth cycle begins, which again can be influenced by age, disease, and a wide variety of other factors.

Some causes of hair loss


Stress is a general cause due to which individuals start losing hair.

Hormonal imbalances

An over or under active thyroid gland, deviation or alleviation in androgen or estrogen levels, can result in hair loss.


Women may experience hair loss after pregnancy (postpartum) although this is typically temporary.


This usually causes hair thinning that progresses with age.


Medications for heart conditions, blood pressure, birth control, and depression are linked with hair loss. Though this reason may be temporary.


Fungal infections are also known to cause hair loss or thin existing hair. This however can be treated by medications.


Conditions such as lupus, diabetes or thyroid can also be associated with hair loss.

Age and genetics

Genes play a major role in your hair loss. Individuals also face hair loss problems depending on their age. The older you are, higher are the chances that you start losing hair.

Poor Nutrition

Eating food with less vitamins and minerals can also cause hair to become weak resulting in hair thinning and concluding to hair loss.


Pollution is another factor which can contribute to hair loss.

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