I am extremely gratefult fo Dr. Prasad, his partner, and all of the wonderful staff for improving my life.


I am very happy to provide a testimonial regarding the PRP injections that were offered by Dr. Prasad for Hair Loss. I have naturally curly hair – fine in texture, but always had a full head of hair. I started experiencing severe hair loss about a year ago. I am in my late fifties and had some thinning due to menopause, but was alarmed by the amounts of hair that were coming out in the shower. My hair stylist was also very concerned about it as she observed full strands coming out while styling the hair. I had blood tests taken by my doctor and was informed that there was no medical condition indicated that was causing the loss. I was completely devasted by this problem as I have always been complimented on my hair and it is a strong part of my identity. In addition, I discovered during my reasearch on the internet that there did not seem to be many options for hair loss in women other than wearing a wig. My stylist recommneded that I meet with Dr. Prasad for a consultation regarding the PRP injections. I initially met with his partner who explained the procedure to me in great detail. He also advised that I should undergo a scalp biopsy to determine if I was a viable candidate for the procedure. As a result, I felt very reassured and comfortable because he did not want to give me false hope if I was not the right person for the injections. After reviewing the results of the biopsy, I met with both Dr. Prasad and his partner and they informed me that there was a good chance that the hair loss would cease with the injections. I was pleased to hear this as I could live with my hair as it was without any further loss. They also discussed the possiblity of additional hair growth within ten months (in women – due to the hair length). The procedure was uncomplicated and completed within a matter of minutes. It should be noted that the supporting staff was extremely solicitous and very competent. The follow-up appointments were an important part of the process as well. Within three months, I noticed my hair had become much stronger and experienced less loss of hair. My friends and family also noticed that my hair appeared to be thicker. Each time that I have met with Dr. Prasad for a check-up, he has shown me the microscopic results of the new hair growth. It has now been six months since I had the injections and I am absolutely thrilled by the results! My hair feels so much thicker and is in great condition. It has grown abundantly throughout the head and loos as good as it did prior to menopause. I am extremely gratefult fo Dr. Prasad, his partner, and all of the wonderful staff for improving my life. My self confidence has returned and I feel joy in my life once more!