My hair hasn’t been this thick and full since I was much younger.


I am so pleased to have found Dr. Prasad. My hair had been thinning for years and after searching the internet I came across Dr. Amiya Prasad. I spoke with his assistant Zack who was such a pleasure to speak with. He was very informative and made me feel very comfortable. On the day of my procedure Dr. Prasad and his staff made me feel right at home. Dr. Prasad is by far the nicest most patient doctor I’ve ever met. He spoke with me about the procedure and answered all of my questions. So I decided to move forward that day and have my first treatment. It is now 18 months later and all I can say is “Wow”. My hair hasn’t been this thick and full since I was much younger. I am so happy I took his advice and decided to do PRP + Acell. If you are a candidate for the hair regeneration procedure you will not be disappointed. Obviously the sooner the better if your hair is thinning but most importantly be patient. You will start noticing results after 3-6 months depending on your hair loss severity. I was lucky to notice after the first 3 months. From that point it was great to see as time passed the hairs that were once thin were now thick and healthy, and the thin areas were no longer see through. For anyone who is contemplating having the procedure done. Stop what your doing and call to make your appointment. I am a true believer in the work Dr. Prasad does. I hope this review helps to give another person the happiness and confidence I have gained by choosing to believe in the work Dr. Prasad does. Thank you