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The TrichoStem® Hair Regeneration treatment is a non-surgical method of treating hair loss and hair thinning. It makes use of a combination of the following:

  1. Extracellular matrix (ECM), a wound-healing solution created by ACell, which acts as a temporary scaffold for damaged tissue. It attracts an increased supply of blood and adult stem cells which heals or creates human tissue such as skin and muscle. When used in hair loss treatment, ECM increases production of adult stem cells called progenitor cells that restores health of the hair follicle, making thinned hair thicker, restoring the hair growth cycle, and stopping continued hair loss;
  2. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), the concentrated serum taken from a patient’s own blood, which contains regenerative properties and is responsible for healing cuts and wounds;
  3. Vitamin D, which is proven to increase transformation of cells in tissue culture to transplantable hair follicles.
  4. Other custom components for the individual’s cause of hair loss such as anti-inflammatory medication.

How Does the TrichoStem® Treatment Work?

In normal hair growth, the dermal papilla, which is located at the root of the hair follicle, sends signals to the progenitor cells, a type of adult stem cell which surrounds the hair follicle and is responsible for the healthy growth of hair on the head. Continuous communication between the dermal papilla and the progenitor cells is essential for normal hair growth.

According to studies, hair loss occurs when normal testosterone comes into contact with 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme found on the skin and scalp. The result of this contact produces dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone found primarily in hair follicles.

DHT causing hair to thin

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the primary culprit of progressive scalp hair thinning in both men and women. However, there are other causes of hair thinning other than DHT

The presence of DHT in hair follicles disrupts the line of communication between the dermal papilla and the progenitor cells. This faulty connection causes the progenitor cells to diminish, affecting the healthy growth process of hair, and ultimately leading to hair loss. Existing hair on the head that is particularly sensitive to DHT will also become progressively thinner with each succeeding growth cycle. Left untreated, thinning hair will eventually stop growing altogether.

The TrichoStem® Treatment is designed to remedy the hair growth process by restoring the communication lines between the dermal papilla and progenitor cells and reversing the thinning effect of DHT on hair follicles. The PRP and ECM mixture is delivered via injection directly into the fatty cell layer of the scalp, attracting increased blood supply and adult stem cells. This procedure triggers a wound-healing response in the body, which in turn, increases progenitor cell production, resulting in the return of normal hair growth and thicker, darker hair strands.

wound healing concept

The TrichoStem® Hair Regeneration system works by reactiving the hair growth cycle by triggering a wound healing response from dormant hair follicles.

Benefits of TrichoStem® Treatment

Non-surgical and non-scarring

The TrichoStem® Treatment is a non-surgical hair regeneration procedure, wherein an ECM and PRP solution is directly injected into the scalp, reversing the effects from DHT and making hair follicle roots stronger. The process does not leave any scars post treatment.

Personalized treatment

Each injection is personalized and carefully prepared to suit each individual. This is accomplished after a thorough analysis of the patient’s current health condition.

Quick treatment with quick results

The Trichostem® customized preparation and treatment takes approximately 2 hours, and improved results in hair thickness and regrowth can be visible as early as 10 days from the date of treatment, making it one of the quickest and most effective procedures in addressing hair loss. Most male patients see results after a few months, with full benefit manifesting in about a year to 18 months.

Visible results with TrichoStem® Hair Regeneration

Visible results with TrichoStem® Hair Regeneration can be seen as soon as a few weeks in male patients, but full results are closer to the one year or more mark.

Results often take longer to appear in women because they tend to have longer hair, so most see results in about a year. However, thicker hair growth seen close to the scalp can be noticeable in just a few months.

TrichoStem® Hair Regeneration's results on women

While TrichoStem® Hair Regeneration’s results on women tend to take longer to be seen due to longer hair, thickened hair density near the scalp can be seen in a few months.

Longevity of TrichoStem Hair Regeneration Treatment

The exact longevity of the TrichoStem® Hair Regeneration system is yet to be determined, but it will last at least 3-5 years.

The TrichoStem® Hair Regeneration treatment has been on the market for the last 5 years. In its first 3 years, the treatment was performed mainly on patients with existing hair transplants, or in conjunction with a hair transplant. After the first 3 years, it became the primary, standalone treatment of Dr. Prasad’s hair restoration division and almost entirely replaced hair transplants altogether.

After 5 years of using the treatment, no patient has come back for re-treatment because their hair had started progressively thinning. While the vast majority of patients only needed one treatment, a few patients with very advanced hair thinning did have a second treatment after 12-18 months to build on initial results.

As we go beyond the 5 year point of the original TrichoStem® Hair Regeneration patients, we continue to monitor the longevity and trends of this treatment.

Limitations of TrichoStem® Treatment

  • TrichoStem® cannot bring back lost hair follicles, nor can it activate dead hair follicles. It can only work on existing hair follicles that are still active and present on the head, as well as thicken thinned out hair that is almost invisible.
  • TrichoStem® is more effective on patients experiencing hair loss and hair thinning, but not in severe hair loss patients who exhibit a completely smoothed scalp and total frontal hair loss.

TrichoStem® vs. Hair Transplants

  • Hair transplants (both FUEs and FUTs) do not prevent future hair thinning and hair loss, while TrichoStem® does.
  • TrichoStem® is a non-surgical procedure, whereas hair transplants require extensive surgery.
  • TrichoStem® Hair Regeneration treatment may be used synergistically with hair transplants to increase donor area scar healing, stop progressive native hair loss (non-transplanted natural hair), and increasing survival rate of transplanted hair grafts.

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