A Wonderful and Satisfying Experience

Dr. Prasad had helped me tremendously with my hair loss. I am grateful to have found Dr. Prasad, he is kind, very informative, and will answer all your questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Prasad to anyone who is suffering from hair loss.


I Have Had Noticeable Results and Quite a Positive Experience

I have been quite pleased with Dr. Prasad's approach. I can tell that he is passionate about what he does and wants each patient to have as much success as they can. He takes his time to explain the pros and cons of his approach and monitors your results. I had a hair transplant in 1995 in my early 30s and then in my 50s I was seeking a nonsurgical approach as I didn't want another scar and it just seemed a bit much to do again. I searched online and found out about Dr. Prasad and had the procedure in 2017 and I have had noticeable results.


Finally a Real Solution for Hair Loss!

Very personable, professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Prasad definitely inspires confidence that you're in great hands and that he has the experience and expertise to provide a great outcome. He is very reassuring and takes his time to provide the consultation and answer your questions. I felt desperate to address my growing hair loss and everything that I found online seemed temporary, not especially effective, required many visits and/or had undesirable side effects. I had been researching solutions for years and was so thankful to come across Dr. Prasad's pioneering methodology that yielded a long-lasting beautiful thickened hairline that had no side effects. I can't recommend Dr. Prasad and his great staff enough. If you are looking for a real solution for your hair loss, look no further than Dr. Prasad.

N. C.

This Treatment Changed my Life

The office was very professional and Dr. Prasad was very knowledgeable. I had PRP plus Acell injection done 16 months ago and have noticed that my hair has gotten much thicker. I could tell while running my fingers through my hair that my hair felt thicker and a large portion of scalp couldn't be seen like it was prior to my PRP + Acell injection. This treatment worked for me very well and I am very happy with the results. I cannot recommend Dr. Prasad enough. He's an amazing doctor and his staff was very friendly and made me feel very welcomed. The treatment through Dr. Prasad is worth every penny.


I felt at ease and comfortable

Staff was very knowledgeable and informed. I felt at ease and comfortable

25 Year-old's Thinning Hair Thickened

It was so blatantly clear to me after meeting with Dr. Prasad several times that he's really after satisfaction for his patients. That's why he recommends this acell treatment as opposed to standard hair transplants, because that doesn't prevent further loss and thus inevitably requires more and more treatments (a cash machine for the industry). He's really on the cutting edge of this technology and he's a stand-up guy. Thumbs up all the way!


Terrific Doctor

I began to notice thinning and receding around my temples several years ago in my early 20's, so I came to Dr. Prasad. Six months post-op, I can feel and see a real change in my hairline and hair texture and thickness overall. Dr. Prasad and his team never tried to sell me on the procedure, in fact since my hair loss was relatively minor, I had to convince them! These guys are the best, if you are thinning or even think you might be, you should consider it - I am VERY glad I did


Dr Amiya Prasad is a caring and knowledgeable Doctor

Dr Amiya Prasad is a caring and knowledgeable Doctor. The overall experience at his office was great. I went for a consultation about some potential solutions for my hair loss. I then decided to opt in for his Hair injection method instead of a hair transplant which I think it's too early to have at my current stage. Everything went well. I will report back in a few months

Hair loss treatment

I have been very pleased with the treatment I received from the office of Dr. Prasad. After having been diagnosed with a female patterned hair loss. I was hoping to just stop the progression of hair loss. But the treatment has gone way beyond that. The first week after my treatment began, I could feel a texture change in my hair. It felt stronger and thicker. And that was so encouraging and made feel me more hopeful. Now that I am 7 months into treatment, I can see lots of new hair growth and stronger hair. I was just looking this morning and thinking, I almost have a normal part in my hair, not showing so much scalp. This treatment has me hope for years to come for healthier hair and a healthier overall look.

My hair much thicker now and my hair is not falling out

Great staff, they really help me with my hair treatment. I went to the doctor to help me stop my hair loss. After 10 months my hair much thicker now and my hair is not falling out.

Hair Loss Treatment

The staffs were very helpful in answering questions and preparing me for what to expect. I originally came for a Hair transplant surgery. The hair injection treatment is an option Dr Prasad recommended at this stage of my hair loss. I feel like my hair loss has stopped and I am seeing stronger more healthy looking hair.


43M-Hair loss treatment went well, good result so far

My experience with Dr. Prasad was one of the best I've ever had. First of all, his staffs were warm, understanding, and enthusiastic. Coming to this office was like visiting family. Most importantly, Dr. Prasad's work is amazing. He explains everything in depth, counsels you before & after the surgery and is extremely warm and compassionate. The results of the surgery are so natural! It is like I am younger but still look like me. And already I'm seeing much less shedding from the hair restoration. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for natural results and a fantastic improvement! The doctor and his staff have changed my outlook!


Thank you, Dr. Prasad! I am so happy I found you!

Everyone in the office was so attentive and took time and care to explain the procedure and the possible outcomes. I always felt comfortable in all of their capable hands. Over 25 years ago, in my 40's, my receding hairline became noticeable. My research on a procedure to curtail my receding hairline proved to be very discouraging until I discovered Dr. Prasad and this revolutionary treatment. The results of this hair growth treatment far exceeded my expectations and, it seems, those of Dr. Prasad and his staff, as well. I could not be more ecstatic. The results of the reasonable expense has proved to be worth far more than the monetary value to me, was non-invasive and could not have been easier!


Woman, Hair Restoration Result

Dr. Prasad and his staff are top notch. The hair restoration process Dr. Prasad has developed for women is truly revolutionary. I thought I was destined to deal with thinning hair for the rest of my life. However, just twelve months after my treatment I have significant new growth and much thicker hair. I cannot thank Dr. Prasad and his staff enough.


Male, Hair Loss Restoration Procedure

The staff at NY Hair Loss are knowledgeable, attentive, professional, results oriented, and customer / patient focused. Dr. Prasad is very clear in the treatments capabilities, and identifying candidates who can realize actual benefits. He provides reassurance in the process and promotes positive thinking and outcomes.


I had the ACell/PRP injections done. It's now about 10 months and I am just going to put it simple. The injections work!

I am a 36 year old male, and like most men experiencing hair loss, went to see Dr. Prasad at Prasad Cosmetic Surgery in August of 2012 because I had enough of looking in the mirror and seeing my scalp. I had the ACell/PRP injections done. It's now about 10 months and I am just going to put it simple. The injections work! I was growing my own hair. At first, the first few months everything looked the same to me because it's hard to see progress when one looks in the mirror everyday. But then I was shown the Before pictures, and that is when I saw the big difference. The area on top of my head is completely filled in. The staff, very friendly. I will recommend this place to friends and family. I am not disappointed.

Paul D.

I wish I had found Dr.Prasad before.

I am extremely happy with the results achieved on my hair transplantation surgery with ACell. The hair is growing faster, thicker, and the transplants themselves are just starting to grow. I wish I had found Dr.Prasad before.

Robert C.

5/5 Exceeded My Expections

5/5 Exceeded My Expections. The hair transplant/hair rescue procedure was amazing! During the procedure, I felt absolutely no pain or discomfort, the team doing the operation was great! Recovery was nice and easy. AFTER 7 DAYS, I started to see results. Linda and Will were professional and very nice. The whole staff was great!

Campbell O.

5/5 Excellent

5/5 Excellent. I'm very satisfied with the results of my hair transplant which incorporated 'A-cell' technology...Carroll L., New York, NY

Carroll L.

My hair seems to be growing, less falls out, stronger and more texture.

My hair seems to be growing, less falls out, stronger and more texture (only after 3 weeks of Acell)! Thanks to Dr. Prasad.

Parker F.

Made hair loss a non-issue for me.

I came with all the hair in my horse shoe area thinned out with only peach fuzz left. I wanted to maintain that, but what I go was full restoration of density & thickness of my follicles. Made hair loss a non-issue for me.


I am extremely gratefult fo Dr. Prasad, his partner, and all of the wonderful staff for improving my life.

I am very happy to provide a testimonial regarding the PRP injections that were offered by Dr. Prasad for Hair Loss. I have naturally curly hair - fine in texture, but always had a full head of hair. I started experiencing severe hair loss about a year ago. I am in my late fifties and had some thinning due to menopause, but was alarmed by the amounts of hair that were coming out in the shower. My hair stylist was also very concerned about it as she observed full strands coming out while styling the hair. I had blood tests taken by my doctor and was informed that there was no medical condition indicated that was causing the loss. I was completely devasted by this problem as I have always been complimented on my hair and it is a strong part of my identity. In addition, I discovered during my reasearch on the internet that there did not seem to be many options for hair loss in women other than wearing a wig. My stylist recommneded that I meet with Dr. Prasad for a consultation regarding the PRP injections. I initially met with his partner who explained the procedure to me in great detail. He also advised that I should undergo a scalp biopsy to determine if I was a viable candidate for the procedure. As a result, I felt very reassured and comfortable because he did not want to give me false hope if I was not the right person for the injections. After reviewing the results of the biopsy, I met with both Dr. Prasad and his partner and they informed me that there was a good chance that the hair loss would cease with the injections. I was pleased to hear this as I could live with my hair as it was without any further loss. They also discussed the possiblity of additional hair growth within ten months (in women - due to the hair length). The procedure was uncomplicated and completed within a matter of minutes. It should be noted that the supporting staff was extremely solicitous and very competent. The follow-up appointments were an important part of the process as well. Within three months, I noticed my hair had become much stronger and experienced less loss of hair. My friends and family also noticed that my hair appeared to be thicker. Each time that I have met with Dr. Prasad for a check-up, he has shown me the microscopic results of the new hair growth. It has now been six months since I had the injections and I am absolutely thrilled by the results! My hair feels so much thicker and is in great condition. It has grown abundantly throughout the head and loos as good as it did prior to menopause. I am extremely gratefult fo Dr. Prasad, his partner, and all of the wonderful staff for improving my life. My self confidence has returned and I feel joy in my life once more!


I have also seen hair growth in areas where the transplant was not performed which I attribute to the Acell.

I had two hair transplants, one with and one without Acell treatment. My experience is that with Acell my donor site is hardly noticeable (without Acell my donor site was more exposed). I have also seen hair growth in areas where the transplant was not performed which I attribute to the Acell.


I'm very satisfied with the results of my hair transplant which incorporated Acell technology.

I'm very satisfied with the results of my hair transplant which incorporated Acell technology.


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