ACell – PRP Case Studies

Hair Regeneration injection into balding skin of 70 year old man results in new hair growth.

ACell and PRP (platelet rich plasma) causes new terminal hair to grow

10x magnification shows new terminal hairs next to existing hairs after Hair Regeneration injection performed 3 months earlier

70 year old man injected with the new Hair Regeneration formula 3 months earlier

Note 2 things:
1) New terminal hairs sprouting all over the injected thinning area

2) The new hairs are the original dark color–NONE are gray

ACell + PRP Injection Results

Acell + PRP results on patient with severe ALOPECIA AREATA

Patient with Severe ALOPECIA AREATA – unresponsive to cotico-steroid therapy after one year and area continuing to expand. Injected with ACell/Enhanced PRP Hair Regeneration Therapy. (L) Pre-Injections, Second photo Post-Injection follow-up 7 weeks , third photo (R) 8 months post injection therapy.


ACell with PRP Injection before and 3 months after results

Above is a before (L) of a 32-year-old hair salon owner with prior hair transplantation in the temples and crown and after (R) only 3 months after ACell with PRP injection therapy.

ACell Patient Before & After Examples

Female Before and After ACell/PRP injections

Female Before and After ACell/PRP injections – Before (L) 5/4/11 After(R) 10/10/11


Traditional Transplant vs Acell Hair Transplant

26-year-old male experiencing frontal and occipital hair loss. Patient elected to undergo ACell with saline injections (Prior to use of ACell with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)) and postpone hair transplantation.

26-Year-Old Male Patient Before ECM+Saline Treatment

Follow up at 16 months. Patient will continue to be monitored. (No future treatments scheduled currently)

Male Case Study 1 ACell Crown

Patient Age: 29-years-old
Treatment: Acell + PRP
Condition: Progressive genetic hair loss. Patient did not want hair transplant surgery or oral treatment with Propecia.
Recommendation: Trial injections with Acell plus PRP treatments
Expectation: To possibly halt hair loss and evaluate in 6 months for future treatment or surgery.
Current evaluation: No further treatment until 1 year follow up.
Photos: (L) Before 7/13/10 & After (R) 1/18/11

Acell + PRP Injections B&A

Patient Age: 52
Treatment: Acell PRP Hair Loss Treatments
Condition: Class VI genetic hair loss pattern. Patient had previous hair transplant surgery with poor growth
Recommendation: Trial injections with Acell plus Arterial Platelet Rich Plasma (APRP)
Expectation: To possibly halt additional hair loss and thicken existing hair transplants
Current Evaluation: At 1 Year follow-up there is additional hair regrowth from the surrounding hair and from previous hair transplants. No apparent ongoing hair loss.
Photos: Before (L) 1/16/10, After (R) 1/15/11

52-Year-Old Male Patient Before and After Treatment

Does ACell PRP Work?

Watch the patient review on ACell ECM + PRP non-surgical hair loss treatment.

What is ACell ECM?

ACell’s patented Extracellular Matrix (ECM) products are covered by multiple 510(k) clearances and address important unmet clinical needs, providing safe, effective and therapeutic outcomes. Derived from porcine urinary bladders and referred to as UBM (urinary bladder matrix), trademarked as MatriStem™, ACell’s core technology is a naturally occurring, non-crosslinked, completely resorbable acellular biomaterial. A similar “first generation” ECM technology has been used to treat over 500,000 patients with remarkable effect. ACell’s MatriStem products are the next generation of ECM technology due to its unique characteristics featuring a basement membrane surface which is ideal for epithelial cell growth in many applications.

Scarring in donor areas before ACell treatment

Scarring in old hair transplant donor areas before ACell treatment

4 mos After ACell treatment

New hair growth in donor scar 4 months later.

Female patient before ACell

Female patient before

3 months after ACell

After 3 months post op grafts dipped in ACELL prior to transplanting

Female patient before

Female patient before

3 months after ACell transplant

After 3 months post op grafts dipped in ACELL prior to transplanting

Female patient before

Female patient before

6 months post op

After 6 months post op grafts dipped in ACELL prior to transplanting

ACell’s technology is not limited to one market segment (e.g., wound healing/care), but instead can serve as a core technology for treatments across a broad range of human medical conditions. For more information go to:

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